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The Results Of Shopping at Pawn Shops For Musical Instruments Will Be Music To Your Ears

The Results Of Shopping at Pawn Shops For Musical Instruments Will Be Music To Your Ears Have you ever wanted to play one of the beautiful bass guitars, violins, mandolins, ukuleles, flutes, saxophones, clarinets, or drums? How about acoustic guitars and electric guitars with their majestic sounds? Maybe you have a natural ear for music and […]

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Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Wheels and Deals. Are There Pawn Shops Where You Can Get A Motorcycle Pawn Loan?

Wheels and Deals. Are There Pawn Shops Where You Can Get A Motorcycle Pawn Loan? People have dreamed of self-propelling, motion, and action since the 19th Century, when the dream was to move from a horsedrawn carriage to a motorized vehicle, bike, trike, or just about anything with wheels. In 1884, Edward Butler in Great Britain […]

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Why Finance a Business through Pawn Loans

Why Finance a Business through Pawn Loans

“They must be in serious financial distress.” That has been a common perception of folks who seek out pawn loans. However, current trends indicate quite the opposite. With economic growth on the rise, small business owners are looking to grow their businesses, and entrepreneurs are looking to seize money-making opportunities. Unfortunately, the stagnant paper pushing […]

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Consignment Shops vs Pawn Shops

Consignment Shop vs Pawn Shop

What comes to mind when you hear “consignment shop”? What about “pawn shop”? We’ve noticed a lot of folks are not aware of the differences between consignment shops and pawn shops, and since we offer both options at Lambert Pawn, we thought it was worth clarifying. Consignment Shops vs Pawn Shops The difference between consignment […]

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Sell electronics for cash through pawn

How to Pawn or Sell your Used Electronics

If you need cash fast or are looking to declutter your home without the hassle of a garage sale, you should consider selling or pawning your used electronics. More than likely you have an old phone, tablet, gaming system, laptop or PC laying around your home that is no longer being used. Also more than likely, […]

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Haggling at a Pawn Shop

5 Steps for Haggling at a Pawn Shop

Buying, selling or pawning an item all have 1 thing in common: everything is negotiable. Haggling seems to be a lost art these days, but we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t encourage you to get the best possible deal at your local pawn shop. Negotiating may make some folks uncomfortable, but […]

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Why Consider Buying from a Pawn Shop

Consumers often overlook pawn shops as a retail merchant. Most who seem to are typically unfamiliar with the pawn industry and have a “Hollywood” view of pawn shops, thanks to their depictions of pawn shops as questionable establishments with crooked business dealings. In recent years, however, that stereotype continues to diminish, and an increasing number […]

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Do You Need an Independent Appraisal to Pawn Something?

Have you ever wondered if you need to have an independent appraisal before pawning an item? The short answer is no.  An independent appraisal is not necessary in order to pawn an item; however an independent appraisal can sometimes be useful to both the individual looking to pawn an item as well as the pawn […]

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Pawn valuable items for cash in Whittier CA

Traditional Loans vs. Pawn Loans

The recent wave of reality TV shows has created a perception that pawn shops are really great places to buy and sell unique and/or rare items. However, that perception is a bit skewed and has taken the focus off of what pawn stores were originally intended for. That is, to provide loan options to those […]

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Luxury Items to Pawn for Money

5 Luxury Items You Can Pawn for Money

Sometimes you need to get cash quickly for short term use. You may find yourself looking around your house, wishing that you could get money for some of your valuables. You’ll be happy to know that you can, in fact, pawn luxury items. This works much the same way it would if you were to […]

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