Unlock Cash with Our Firearm Pawn Loans

Borrowing money against your gun is fast and easy.

At Lambert Pawn Shop, we specialize in making cash loans on guns. It’s hard to find a pawn shop that deals in firearms as regulations change, but we have stuck with it and are your “go to” shop for all your gun loan needs. We have a very deep understanding of the used firearm market here in California and that translates into the highest loan payouts around. Firearms hold their value compared to many other items, making them a great collateral item.

Borrowing money against your gun is fast and easy. Bring in your firearm and our team of professionals will evaluate your piece and quote you a loan price. When evaluating your firearm, we are looking at things like functionality, wear, upgrades and additional accessories. We will have your loan written up and all the proper paper submitted in a matter of minutes.

All of our loans are written for 120 days and if that is not enough time, we offer terms to renew your loan that are affordable and easy. When you want to redeem your firearm pawn, you come back pay the loan, interest, $37.19 DROS fee and wait ten days while you clear a background check. Our staff will ensure you understand all the requirements prior to writing your loan.