Instant Cash For Your Silver

Silver is a precious metal that is more affordable to start investing in. Silver prices have been on the rise, and there are no signs that this is fading.  Silver is used in coins, jewelry, silverware, and medical, industrial, and electrical industries. 

Why Us?

Lambert Pawn offers competitive prices on silver. We buy, sell, and pawn silver. 

Pawning Silver

Lambert Pawn works with each customer to  get them the cash they need. We will likely be interested in your silver no matter what type, size, or purity.  

If you want to pawn your silver, bring it in, we will test it, and we will work with you to reach pawn terms that you are happy with.

  • Low interest rates
  • Cash loans over 4+ months long

Not Sure If Your Silver Is Real?

Bring it into Lambert Pawn and we can test it for you! Best of all, we not only tell you the weight of your silver, but also the purity of it. Silver comes in many purities, which is the content of silver compared to other metals. Generally, silver is found in:

Silver bars, silver coins, silver plates, silver utensils, silver jewelry, silver charms, and silver antiques, all with different purities:

925 (92.5%), .950 (95%), and.999 (99%)