Sell Your Gun

Selling your guns doesn’t have to be a stressful process!

At Lambert Pawn Shop, we buy almost any firearm that comes through our doors. From a single gun to whole collections, old guns to new guns, we don’t turn them away. Our staff aggressively seeks out firearms to purchase in order to replenish our always-changing stock of firearms.

Are you looking to sell an estate or private collection? We can facilitate a time to come to you and offer you a price for the pieces so you don’t have to transport them all to the store for nothing. Our store is fully licensed and we ensure that your guns are transferred correctly from the previous owner’s name to our shop.

Have you been looking for a shop to purchase your firearms but just can’t seem to find one in your area?  Give us a call and let us make you an offer to purchase them from you. We will arrange for your firearms to be shipped to us and provide you all the proper transfer documentation.Have you agreed to sell your gun to another individual and need a place to do the transfer?  We are happy to offer our services for your PPT. Don’t go to a store that doesn’t treat a PPT customer like everyone else. Come to our store where your business is appreciated. We can have most PPT transactions done in less than 10 minutes!