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10-10-10 - Pawn Shops with Layaway Near Me

There are eleven Fridays until Christmas, 75 days, and ten more weeks. The 2022 holiday season is expected to start earlier this year, around mid October. Walk into a department store, and you can see the Christmas decorations, trees, and lights already filling the back shelves. Once Halloween is finished, the holiday shopping season will go into full swing.

The economy is a bit turbulent, and the rising cost of fuel and goods, problems with delivery and supply chains, and employee shortages could make finding the perfect gift a challenge.

Paychecks don’t seem to go as far as they did in previous years and shoppers will need to be creative to meet their gift giving ideas.

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There was a 40 year all time high in inflation in August 2022, and you and everyone else noticed it. The June consumer price index, which measures changes in the cost of food, housing, gasoline, utilities, and other goods, reported that the cost of good rose by 8.3% over the past 12 months in August. This represented a 40-year high.

The pandemic caused a shock to the world economy, impacted supply chains, and there were major delays in shipping. Labor shortages have added to the problem. Deliveries are delayed, and there are long lines at the check out stands because there isn’t enough help. Prices continue to rise, affecting everyone’s budget.

Inflation isn’t going to last forever, but for families it seems like it will. You may be living on a tighter budget with very little room to spare. There isn’t a crystal ball predicting when prices will return to normal.

Holiday shopping will be affected.

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Ways to Shop for the Holidays on a Budget

E-commerce and online:

E-commerce and online shopping continue to grow. About 20% of all retail sales will come from online shopping and digital channels. Many big box stores and malls have closed, making shopping online an option for finding the gifts you want to give.

Front door delivery, curb side pickups, and personal shoppers all help with convenience. About 76% of consumers shop online. Large department stores and some mom and pop stores have revived their retail presence by opening online stores and website presence.

Deals, “Opt ins,” and discounts

Some retailers may decrease their margins to encourage customers to buy from them. They will send text messages, emails, and other engaging communication to offer consumers deals and discounts to gain business. If you are looking for a particular item, this may be an option to save money.

It always amazes me how many people shop on senior discount day at a local store. Who’s kidding who I shop on the day to get the discount and end up buying more than I initially planned on.

These marketing campaigns work for the business, but also for the consumer if you shop wisely.

Plan ahead for shortages

Supply chain shortages are evident when you go to the store. Planning ahead is important if you are planning on a certain gift for a special someone. There are “opt-in” opportunities to receive a notification when a certain product becomes available. This will save you time and money by not making unnecessary trips to try and find the special gift you are looking for.

Take advantage of loyalty campaigns

Text blasts, campaigns, emails, and other forms of marketing will create a transparent process between you, the consumer, and the business you are buying from. Keeping informed is important for most people, and in today’s shopping world, this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Chatbots, automated text messages, and automated callbacks have made instant information possible.

Businesses are improving their marketing efforts to reel in prospective customers and turn them into loyal customers. Take advantage of their efforts and shop at businesses willing to save you money.

Think about pawn shop layaway programs 10-10-10

Many communities have pawn shops, and pawn shops near you may offer a layaway program. Pawn shops ask for a percentage down, and then monthly payments until the total price of your purchase is paid in full, typically within ten months.

Layaway programs help you shop for and purchase pawn items while they are available. Pawn shops bring in quality luxury items suitable for gift giving. They have gold jewelry, silver jewelry, fine jewelry, diamonds, name brand electronics or tools, luxury handbags, and designer watches, pawn shops have them all. These preowned beauties are available at affordable prices.

Layaway Program Process

  1. Select the item or items you want to purchase

  2. Set up a layaway account with the pawnbroker

  3. Pay a down payment according to the pawn shops layaway program

  4. Establish a monthly due date and pay on time

  5. Determine how long your items will be on layaway, so you get them in time to give

The layaway process is simple basic process, and sometimes pawn shops charge a cancellation fee or restocking fee, so make sure you understand the terms. Monthly payments can be as low as ten percent of the total purchase plus fees and the payment varies depending on the items purchased. The layaway plan is for a specific amount of time, typically ten months, thus 10-10-10.

Pawn shops authenticate and appraise items before they go out on the retail floor or into the shop’s online inventory. The basic process in the pawn shop who offer layaway is honest and forthright. Pawn shops wouldn’t stay in business long if they cheated people or bought and sold fake items.

Setting up a layaway program and determining when the final payment is due will help you have special gifts set aside and paid for through small payments throughout the fall months.

Determining what your purchases add up to and how much the small fee is to have a layaway program account all enters into what your layaway plans look like. In some situations, having a layaway plan means interest free purchasing in most stores, which helps save money, and the shops don’t require a credit check.

Lambert Pawn in Whittier, CA

Lambert Pawn is a full service California Licensed pawn shop located in the beautiful city of Whittier, CA.

They are dedicated to helping you with all your money needs and shopping desires. They offer a 10-10-10 layaway program to help you shop for the holidays.

They have over 25 years of combined experience as pawnbrokers and have flexibility to lend or pawn the maximum dollar amount possible on anything of value.

They buy, loan, sell, and trade on items including gold jewelry, platinum and silver, diamonds, and precious metals. They will layaway most items. Take some pressure off your holiday shopping needs and work with Lambert Pawn.