2017 jewelry trends

Buying jewelry from your local pawn shop is one of the best consumer decisions you can make. Most jewelry pieces found in pawn shops are priced between 50% and 75% of their retail value and are in great condition.

Keep in mind these two things when considering buying jewelry from a pawn shop.

  1. People who need cash fast don’t just own old pieces of fine jewelry. Our selling customers come from all walks of life and all generations, too. Meaning, the likelihood of a customer pawning an inherited piece of jewelry and a 1-year old beautiful diamond engagement ring are the same.
  2. Vintage is always trendy. If you are looking for a true vintage piece of jewelry that none of your friends will have, check out your local pawn shop’s selection.

If you are a jewelry lover or even just a trend lover, and like most of America, want to get a good deal, then check out your local pawn shop and see which of the below 2017 jewelry trends you might snag for a steal.

2017 jewelry trends

2017 Jewelry Trends

Tassel Earrings were frequently seen on the 2017 fashion runways. Like much of fashion trends, tassel earrings were popular once before so there is a good chance a local pawn shop might just have a pair of gold or silver tassel drop earrings at a fraction of the cost.

Hoop Earrings Maybe you were living under a rock when hoop earrings were a big deal in the past but you will be relieved to know that they are back again gracing the runways and pages of Vogue. The opportunity of finding a pair of 24k earrings in a pawn shop is waiting for you. Bruno Mars would be proud.

Chokers are back The great thing about this trend is that it is not limited to color, style or size. The 2017 catwalks flaunted every type of choker imaginable. Oversized, metallic, leather, dainty, you name it. You will be on trend!

Hardware and Chain link Metal jewelry pieces are very on trend right now and specifically ones that make big statements. Either by their size or the unique details of their hardware. Have you ever wondered if pawn shops buy or sell gold and silver? They do.

Don’t fall victim to the mindset that all the jewelry in pawn shops look like the gaudy broach your great Aunt Tildie wore to church every Sunday. While it is true that we may have 1 or 2 fine quality broaches in our shops, we also have fine jewelry that is in line with current fashion trends.