We use a Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ DXL Precious Metal Analyzer

Accurate Gold & Metals Testing at Lambert Pawn Shop

At Lambert Pawn Shop we invest in the latest technology to provide accurate gold, coin, precious metal, and jewelry evaluations to our pawn shop customers. We use a Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ DXL Precious Metal Analyzer that tests your gold’s karat weight in seconds, with just a push of a button. 

Why does accurate metal testing matter?

You could be getting more for your item for loan or sale! Gold purity generally ranges from 10kt to 24kt, and most jewelry is made in 14kt gold. If you have 18kt to 22kt jewelry some pawn shops could pay you less unless their staff is prepared to evaluate your item properly.

Accurate gold testing to get the most cash!

How does getting a pawn loan with jewelry and gold work?


Bring collateral

We buy and loan on gold and precious metal jewelry, coins, and bullion

Accurate Evaluation

We offer the most money for your item with confidence in our evaluation

Get cash

Present a valid ID and one of our associates will help you walk out with cash today


Can my gold and jewelry be damaged when testing for gold purity?

Testing gold and other metals by traditional means, like using a jeweler’s stone with nitric acid, generally does not cause damage to your items with the exception of minor scuffing that could be polished out. But if you have heavier jewelry or coins, most pawn shops could require a filing of the item to pour acid directly on the exposed metal to get past any potential platting, causing significant damage and reduction in metal weight. 

“Our Precious Metal Analyzer can help sift through your jewelry to help identify item’s of value without damaging your items.”


Wether you’re getting a loan or selling your jewelry & precious metals, Lambert Pawn is poised to make a competitive offer based on your item’s weight and purity. Come see us today to get your free and accurate evaluation.