Are Pawn Shops Trusted Silver Buyers?

Lambert Pawn is a full-service California licensed pawn shop located in the beautiful city of Whittier, CA. The pawn shop staff is committed to helping with money needs in a fast and courteous manner. With over 25 years combined experience as pawnbrokers, they have the flexibility to lend you the maximum dollar amount possible on almost anything of value.

Lambert Pawn provides convenient solutions for short-term cash. They loan, buy, sell, and trade on items including gold jewelry, platinum and silver, diamonds, and precious stones. They accept electronics, musical instruments and tools.

Cash for Silver

Instant Cash For Your Silver

If you are wondering where to sell silver near you, wonder no more, Lambert Pawn is the place to shop. Silver is a precious metal that is more affordable than gold. Silver prices continue to fluctuate in an upward trend. Silver can be sold outright or pawned.

Pawning Silver

Lambert Pawn works with each customer to get them the cash they need. They have low interest rates, and write short-term cash loans for 4+ months.


The Process

When you decide to bring your silver coins, sterling silver, silver jewelry, silver bullion, silver flatware, antique silver, junk silver coins, silver earrings, silver bracelets, scrap silver, and other silver items into Lambert Pawn, they test your silver for you.

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Silver Purities

Silver comes in many purities, which is the content of silver compared to other metals. Generally, silver is found in purities of 925 (92.5%), .950 (95%), and.999 (99%).

The purity of silver is expressed in parts per thousands. There are 999, 925, 900, and 800 silver purities. Most silver will have a hallmark (marking) that says what purity it is. For example, if a silver piece is marked 999 this means it is made of 99.9% pure silver.

The purer the silver, the softer and more pliable it is. Sterling silver is used in jewelry because it is more durable and has 92.5% silver.

Silver is used in coins, jewelry, silverware, and medical, industrial, and electrical industries. 

Some silver products have collectible value, in addition to its spot value.

Spot Price of Silver

The spot price of silver is the price that one ounce of silver would sell for immediately on the market. The prices ebbs and flows and is affected by current events, the stock market, what’s happening in the world, and market conditions.

The spot price of silver is based on the highest purity of silver. The spot price is per to ounce.

Gold and silver are sold by spot price, as are other precious metals.

To determine the value and the weight of the silver is calculated in troy ounces, and then the spot price multiplies that weight. This gives you the total silver value. Some shops and silver buyers add a premium, which is the cost of doing business like melting, cleaning, etc.

The Place to Sell Silver

Lambert Pawn is the place to sell silver if you need fast cash. Unlike online silver buyers, you can watch the process of testing and valuing your silver or other precious metals. If you have a question about the offer, the pawn broker will talk with you about how they came up with the amount.

There are different places to sell silver, but there is something about doing business in person. Lambert Pawn is one of the in-person buyers you can trust. You want to get as much money as possible for your silver, gold, and precious metals, and they understand this.

A lot of their customers come in to see them to find out what is silver worth now and how they can get the most money. If you are selling silver jewelry or selling silver coins, antique silver, or sterling silver, Lambert Pawn Shop can help.

Lambert Pawn Shop in Whittier CA

The Place to Buy Silver

There are places to buy silver, like online dealers and eBay. On eBay, sellers can set their asking price, as well as provide a description and photos. But you can’t feel, touch, and experience the silver to ensure you get what you want to purchase.

Online auction websites, and online silver buyers, provide a description and photos of what they are selling. The online auction house sells to the highest bidder. Again, everything is done online, so you can’t experience the precious metal.

Buying silver from Lambert Pawn Shop can be done through their online shop, but come in and see them and experience the precious metal. This will provide you with confidence in your purchase. They have silver bullion, silver coins, silver jewelry, and other silver items for sale.

If you are looking to buy, sell, or pawn gold coins, they can help. They are the areas experts and experienced gold buyers.