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Collecting Shoes - Designer Shoes - Does Owning Designer Sneakers and Shoes Make a Statement, or Is It A Hobby?

Have today’s designer Footwear collectors changed much since the 1920s?

In the 1920s, there may not have been “sneakerheads,” but there were indeed designer shoes. Oxford shoes were smooth leather with a cap toe. Lace-ups had 3-5 eyelets and were tied with round cord or flat ribbon ties.

Flapper shoes could be described as simple plain pumps that were comfortable and pretty. Fancy Cuba heels or slender Spanish heels were the dressy shoes were for evening wear. Coco Chanel helped popularize the style.

There are historical stories behind designer shoes and Sneakers worldwide.

You have undoubtedly spent countless hours in shoes you’ve loved or hated. If not for work, standing for hours in line, or squeezing in the perfect pair of pumps for a friend’s wedding, shoes make a statement.

Ever put on a pair of designer shoes just to impress a date or stand out at a greet and meet business function, quickly followed by plopping down on a chair at the end of the event to get the relief from taking the shoe off?

designer shoes

The Hip-Hop Era

Fast forward to the 80s and 90s when the hip-hop era swoops into New York City.  The Fashion trend of what “kicks” your own hit the streets.

New York is known for its fast pace lifestyle, and your attire speaks for itself. Footwear became known as “kicks,” and people who collected specific sneakers like Air Jordans, limited edition sneakers, or Adidas began to be known as sneakerheads.

Sneakerhead Terminology

Some call collecting sneakers a hobby, and others call it a way of life. The term “Sneakerhead” dates back to the 80s and 90s of hip-hop culture. A personal collection of sneakers gave their statement to the world. The sneakerhead culture developed its own sneakerhead terminology that set these collectors apart from daily wearers.

Having a name in the culture is a must; better yet, having a specific “language” keeps the culture unique and pure.

Sneakerhead Terms


Any shoe with the words unauthorized, replica, B-grade, or super perfect means the shoes are fake. This means that the shoe, whether you are buying it at an original price tag or on a secondary market, understands that the materials used are not from the actual company, and even though the shoe may look good, it’s still fake.

Air Jordan Shoes Air Force Ones


This is the color scheme of the shoe. The colorway in a sneaker is as important as the model. A colorway with a well-known nickname is worth more than a colorway without.


A beater is a well-worn sneaker. It is typically an older model shoe and won’t have a huge price tag. These shoes are used at the gym or on storming days. These are great for budget-minded sneakerheads looking to pick up decent old kicks and an affordable price.


A release or re-release after the original release date. For instance, the original Air Jordan was released in 1992, and a re-release retro sneaker was released in 2011 and 2015.


PP invoice is that meaning. eBay is where some of the top collectors of designer footwear get their collections. But eBay has a fee they take on each sale. So some sellers will put pp/inv, which means Pay Pal invoice saving them money. Also, PayPal offers to protect the buyer.

Can your footwear really make or break a deal? Footwear is your image to the world. It speaks of your status in life and career.

designer shoes


This is a nickname for Kanye West and any designer sneaker he created or helped design. Kayne West is a rapper and designer and is a name of kicks by Nike and Adidas. The Nike Air Yeezy is one of the most desired pairs of sneakers out there.

GR/Limited Editions:

General release or GR sneakers are usually available and obtainable. The Limited Editions are more expensive. It’s all about supply and demand. Limited quantities are produced when producing limited editions. This drives the kick’s cost up because fewer pairs are available.


These sneakers are a pair of sneakers the collector wants more than any other pair. The collector collecting sneakers will pay well over the retail price. It is a personal desire.


“Black and Red” is like the colorway of the OG Air Jordan. The Bred colorway is a fan favorite. This colorway is a single colorway of kicks for the new collector.


Deadstock. This pair of sneakers has never been tried on, worn, or put on a foot. VNDS stands for very near deadstock, and PADS is passed as deadstock. Worn in the sneaker culture means a pair of sneakers that no longer look new. The pair of sneakers may not be too old or beat up; they just don’t look new.

Why Luxury and Designer Brands?

Luxury sneakers and designer shoes brands include Jordan, Adidas, Golden Goose, Off-White, Berluti, Prada, Gucci, Coio, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Manolo Blahnik, and more. A luxury shoe is made with extraordinary craftsmanship.

Luxury shoes are not only sneakers. You have probably noticed that not all shoes wear the same, look the same, or have the same comfort, style, and class.

Luxury shoes are expensive and rare. They aren’t commonplace. There is a limited supply, and because of this, the cost of the shoe increases. The Nike Air Mag 2016 only manufactured 89 pairs of shoes.

Luxury shoes like the coveted pairs in the Nike Jordan line are works of art. How about the eye appeal of a Gucci Boot with Crystals with a price tag of US$4900?

Designer shoes and sneakers all have quality stitching, use quality materials, and may have unique hand-painted patterns or embellishments. They are appealing to the eye, and the detail is meticulous.

Luxury shoes last long because of the craftsmanship and materials used. Leather is the most common material used in a luxury shoes. Sometimes the shoe will have diamond embellishments that reflect the wearers’ taste.

Air Jordan

How Do People Get Started Collecting Designer Shoes?

Oh, the wee years. Grandma, mama, daddy, uncle, and granddad decide to spend some time with a little one and find themselves going to stores to find the best deal on a new pair of “cute” baby Jordan tennis shoes or the latest “sweet” patent leather pump to go with the dress they just bought their little girl.

And now the desire begins…

Other times you have had a rough week at work, and you need a little shopping therapy with your significant other. You find yourself going to stores to admire the shoes and end up coming home with a starter collection of designer heels or sneakers.

Retail therapy also includes our online shopping for the perfect pair of shoes. Part of the shopping therapy is the “hunt” for the perfect pair of shoes at the perfect price.

Today, teens can obtain some high-end sneakers or designer pumps from their parent’s income, as gifts from their grandparents, or from bartering with friend groups.

Some of the highest consumers of shoes are teenagers.

In 2022, teenagers who know the Sneakerhead “play box” and ins and outs of designer shoe shopping have made full-time jobs from collecting. There are no age requirements for becoming a collector. You can start at your local pawn shops.

Sneakers go through a proprietary tech plate form before being listed. Then you have human authenticators that carefully inspect each shoe before it gets the official stamp and goes out on the retail floor or listed in the online shop.

The fact of the matter is, if Generation-Z teenagers can become entrepreneurs, then anyone can.

Nike Air Jordans, Yeezy’s, and Balenciaga’s have high price tags. Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Stuart Weitzman are investments, but if you do invest in these brands, you can make back your money quickly. Designer shoes and sneakers hold their value.

Collecting Sneakers and Luxury Shoes Is an Experience


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Consumers often relate the name Louis Vuitton to luxury handbags and accessories. The company also makes designer shoes.

To shop and purchase a Louis Vuitton designer shoe is a true experience in the elite world of luxury.

Louis Vuitton was a French Fashion Designer and businessman. As the founder of the brand and vested in making certain the design, craftsmanship, and premium materials used were above reproach, he found his way into the hearts of Royal clients and the elite.

In 1872, Louis Vuitton made his mark with his new line featuring beige monogrammed designs and the brand’s well-known red stripe.

His design remained a part of the fashion designers’ world long after his death in 1892. By 1954 the Vuitton monogram was the most recognizable logo in the world.

Fast forward to 2022, Louis Vuitton is still a brand known for its high-end shoes. If you take collecting seriously, then any Louis Vuitton pair of shoes is a must!


Chanel shoes are an experience; it is like getting to put your feet into heaven. Chanel was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910. Gabrielle Chanel received her nickname from her time spent as a chanteuse. Chanel revolutionized women’s shoes when the Chanel slingback shoes were debuted in 1957.

Chanel designed the timeless “little black dress,” it was obvious the dress needed Chanel accessories and shoes to complement it. The two-toned shoe was released in 1957 and is known as the “last point of elegance,” according to Vogue magazine.

All Chanel shoes are made in France and Italy. With attention to design, detail, and style, Chanel shoes are an investment well worth the cost.

Keep the original box, store them safely, and if worn carefully, the shoes will bring a good resale value.


The Yeezy sneaker is a part of an exclusive line of shoes. If you are lucky enough to own a pair, you own a part of an exclusive line of shoes for those who demand exclusivity because the brand focuses on the unique needs of a certain group.

Kanye West has a reputation that the Yeezy show will provide a slick design, cloud-like comfort, and part of the fond memories of owning a limited edition shoe.

The Air Yeezy 2 SP “Red October” is the most expensive Yeezy shoe ever sold. These shoes were part of a limited edition series and were sold for up to US$11,400.

If you are looking for your first pair of Air Jordan shoes, multiple pairs of the same model shoe, player-exclusive shoes, and shoes with original boxes at a better price than buying new ones, look at a pawn shop.

People have mistakenly thought pawnshops are sleazy, dark, dishonest, and only work with consumers who are down on their lunch and need fast cash.

This isn’t the case. Pawnshops nationwide are an industry that provides an alternative financial solution to people who need fast cash, have luxury and designer products that are either new or pre-owned at an affordable price, sometimes pennies above market value, and have a free appraisal and authentication services.


Living in Whittier, CA, or one of the surrounding communities, head over to Lampert Pawn Shop if you are hit with sneaker itch.

Lambert Pawn Shop in Whittier CA

Lambert Pawn Shop

Located in Whittier, CA, and serving the communities of East LA, the pawnbrokers at the shop have a vast knowledge of the sneaker game and designer footwear. If you want to find out if your designer footwear is authentic, the Lambert Pawn Shop should be your go-to.

Maybe you have been collecting designer shoes and sneakers for the last decade and are one of the original sneakerheads, but if you want to liquidate a pair or two, Lambert Pawn is the place to go.

The small town feel, knowledgeable and friendly team, and the company’s ability to buy, sell, and pawn designer shoes make them the place to go in the sneaker community.

Need to buy shoes to quench that thirst for a new pair to add to your collection, check with the store to see if they have a Nike Air Force 1, or know another shop that does.

Lambert Pawn Shop understands that designer shoes and sneakers retain their value if well taken care of, and if you have the original box, they will consider this when offering to buy your sneaker collection or shoe.

It is not unusual for rare sneakers to show up at Lambert Pawn. There would be something extra special if you found a Michael Jordan – Air Jordan 12s Time that sold for $104,795, Nike Dunks, Galaxy Foamposite, or a pair of Gucci designer shoes at the pawn shop instead of having to shop eBay, auction houses, or somewhere else on the sneaker resale market.

One never knows what becomes available at a classy pawn shop like Lambert Pawn.

To help a new sneaker collector shop with confidence, all of their products have been vetted to ensure that it hasn’t been stolen and is genuine.

Sneaker collectors and designer shoe connoisseurs won’t be disappointed when they shop at Lambert Pawn Shop.