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Is There An Advantage To Shopping At A Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops are part of the pawn industry, with 9,259 shops nationwide. California has numerous pawn shops selling anything from sapphire gemstones, to luxury purses, to designer watches, to an exquisite gold chain, to gold, and silver.

California state laws are existing laws that regulate pawnbrokers and require a written contract for every loan by a pawnbroker for which goods are received in pledge as security, as specified. This contract must be given to the borrower. Existing law requires the contract to provide a 4-month loan period. In California, every item sold is held for 30 days before the article may be resold to give law enforcement time to run the required check.

Pawn shops provide an alternative financial service for communities. Pawn shops are prepared to buy outright or loan against valuable items used as security for a loan. Loans must be repaid, or the items become the pawn shop’s property.

Pawn shops resell the default items after a waiting period to recoup the amount lent. Pawn loans are easy to get if the valuable item provided covers the cost of the loan. No credit checks are needed for a pawn loan, and the borrower only has to have a valid state-issued ID.

Banks and other financial institutions require an application, some waiting until the application is approved, credit checks, and employment history. Not all people can meet these requirements, but they need cash. They may have accounts in collection or other negative marks on their credit, causing them to be denied a loan.

Pawn shops also buy jewelry and other valuable items outright. Some customers don’t have a sentimental attachment to their gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry and want to sell the items for quick cash. Pawn shops will appraise the items and offer a fair market price. After the waiting period, the items will be placed on the retail floor so customers can buy the items as a gift or for their personal use.

A customer typically looks for a good deal and fair price on rings, gold chains, silver or gold jewelry, luxury watches, and other items. Pawn shops have a large selection that changes regularly, providing customers with options to choose from what they have in stock. Many pawn shops have online stores with inventory for sale with a click of a button. The pawn shops honor the same prices they would sell the items for in-store with an added shipping charge and possible handly charge. Some stores offer a guarantee that what’s purchased is genuine.

Pawn shops sell gold chains at their stores. There are several different types of chains.

Herringbone Chains - A Beautiful Gold Chain

This pattern creates a perfect casual daytime outfit accent. The design in this gold chain is flat, short, and parallel. This chain is ideal for men and women; it is worn best on its own, without a pendant.

Yellow gold chain necklace

A Box Gold Chain

Made of blocks instead of circular links, this gold chain lies flat on the skin while presenting a style of sophistication. Sometimes women prefer a smaller-sized box link with a gemstone pendant, while thicker chains don’t need gemstones.

Anchor Chains

The chain links are oval, with a vertical bar in the center of each link creating a stunning look. Sometimes called a mariner chain because the look is similar to the chain that attaches an anchor to a boat. There are fat, puffy, delicate, and heavy chains available in this style. Depending on the statement you want to make, choose a type that goes with what you want to express.

A Bead Gold Chain

Bead chains are often known as dog tag chains, and these chains can also be worn with gemstones as pendants or a medallion. The beads on this chain can be close together or far apart, and they can be large or small.

Gold Chain

Byzantine Chains

This unique chain is created by each link in the chain passing through four other chains. It looks as if it is a rope, and it is luxurious, flexible, and impressive.

Cuban Chains

This one is often referred to as Miami Cuban among necklace chain types. This chain is stereotypically what you would see looped on a rapper’s neck. It is chunky and imposing. It can be large or small. Preferred mainly by men, women may wear smaller size Cuban chains

Yellow gold chain necklace

Snake Chains

Look like a snake. The links are round and curvy, and it is flexible and sleek. Sometimes it has a slide pendant making an elegant addition to any outfit. These chains are durable and come with small or large links.

Figaro Chains

These chains have links that are equal in size and shape. The links form a pattern that repeats itself, and it is intricate and exciting.

Wheat Chains

Flat and twisted oval links are braided together to form a deliciously unique wheat chain. JIt looks like a mature wheat stalk and is durable and can be worn with a pendant.

Gold Chain

Rope Chains

The rope chain is one of the most durable and heaviest chain types. Segments are connected in a twisting pattern. It reflects light and can be worn with a pendant. Heavy rope chains can be worn on their own.

No matter what type of chain you are looking for, pawn shops often have them. Gold chains will bring top dollar from a pawn shop when selling outright or used for security for a pawn loan because they are heavier and contain chain material made of different karat weights.

The chain’s value depends on the purity of the gold or precious metals it is made from. Pawn shops often offer free appraisal services and show you an offer while you wait so you know what to expect.

pawn shop logo

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