Sell electronics for cash through pawn

If you need cash fast or are looking to declutter your home without the hassle of a garage sale, you should consider selling or pawning your used electronics. More than likely you have an old phone, tablet, gaming system, laptop or PC laying around your home that is no longer being used. Also more than likely, those same electronics have some value and can be sold or pawned with some ease. If you are unsure how to prepare your electronics for sale, follow our simple steps below.

Sell electronics for cash through pawn

How to Pawn or Sell Your Used Electronics

Clean it Up!

First impressions matter with your used electronics, just like with everything else! If your old equipment has been in the attic collecting dust, make sure you wipe it off. Easy, right? Larger issues like cracks or scrapes may be harder to fix or altogether not worth it. For example, if you have a crack in your old tablet, consider having it repaired. Weigh the cost of the repair against what you expect to earn from the sale of the tablet before getting it repaired. If it makes sense financially, pay for the repair prior to selling.

Collect the Pieces

Used electronics will sell for more money if you have all the original components that would have come in the original package. Some examples of ideal components to be included are below.

  • Cords
  • Console
  • Manual
  • Original Box
  • Controllers
  • Accessories

Wipe it Clean – Again

No, we aren’t expecting you to clean your item a second time. We are talking about wiping the item clean of any personal data that may still be found on the device. This is an important step to protect yourself and your information from theft. Back up any data you may want to save, sign out of all your accounts and then permanently delete all information from the device.

This step will also make the item more attractive to potential buyers. Having the device wiped clean will save the buyer time after purchase.

Total Reset

Most electronics have an option to perform a factory reset. If you are unsure how to perform a factory reset on your electronics, you can check your manual or even look for directions online. Performing a factory reset will set the preferences of the device back to its original state (i.e. the device will function the same as it did the first time you used it).

Whether you are interested in selling or pawning your used electronics, these steps will help you get a higher bid from your local pawn shop. Once you have followed these important steps, make sure you do some research and discover what a reasonable offer would be for the electronic item you are looking to pawn or sell.

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