Popular Items to Pawn

Pawn shops have a lot of stigmas attached to them that aren’t true. One of them that we find fairly comical is that the only items you can pawn are invaluable, rare antiques. Often when people are considering getting quick access to cash via a pawn loan, they think that they need to scrounge through their grandma’s attic to find a long-lost rare piece of art. We find a lot of people shoot down the idea of pawning because they almost immediately assume that they don’t have anything a pawn shop would be interested.

Here’s the truth of why this is such a painful misconception to the rest of us in the pawn industry: we don’t routinely have customers enter our doors with a personally signed portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Nor do our customers often negotiate a loan with us on an original American flag sewn by Betsy Ross herself. We don’t expect to see items like this in our stores every day, or to be quite frank, ever.

Popular Items to Pawn

Most Popular Items to Pawn

Most folks bring normal, everyday, high-value items in exchange for a quick loan. Items that most of us have in our homes. If you are a typical, hardworking person who was lucky if their grandparents left them a portion of their hard-earned savings, this post is for you. Let’s take a look at the most popular, everyday items that are used as collateral for pawn loans.

Pawn Electronics

Smartphones? Laptops? Flat screen TVs? If your electronics are in working condition, don’t write them off as useless. Even if they have minor cosmetic damage. They are a popular pawn item.

Pawn Jewelry

Gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones? They don’t have to be vintage or even pretty. When it comes to jewelry, it’s not the design but the material that creates the item’s value.

Pawn Firearms

Hunters rejoice! Firearms are one of the most popular items pawn shops will agree to a deal on. Trust us, it DOES NOT have to be a rifle from the Civil War. New/old, pistol/rifle, accessories/no accessories – it doesn’t matter. If your firearm is in working condition and clean, you will not have a problem making a pawn deal.

Pawn Power Tools

Yep, tools. Particularly power tools can earn you a hefty amount of collateral. If you have a box of tax returns sitting on top of the table saw that you thought you’d use to make a treehouse for your kids, you have an item that you can pawn.

Let go of the idea that you have nothing that a pawn shop would be interested in. Also maybe turn off the TV and stop watching all of those reality pawn shows. You live in the real real world and so do we. Which means, we are interested in your everyday items.

P.S. If you do happen to have a signed portrait of Abraham Lincoln or a flag sewn by Betsy Ross, we’d love to make you an offer.