Charm bracelet

Necklace Charms, Pendants, Charm Bracelets, and Charm Necklaces Are Wonderful Christmas Gifts

It may be difficult to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Finding the right items that will make their holiday special at an affordable price is a challenge. You may want to consider a charm necklace, charm bracelet, or charms for your honey. Fun to give and fun to wear, these fine jewelry pieces come in all styles, and you can find them with sapphire, ruby, diamonds, and various symbols and inscriptions.

Charm Bracelet

What are Charms?

Charms are typically worn on a bracelet. A gold charm bracelet makes a great gift and tells a story about the owner’s life. Charms are placed on a gold or sterling silver chain as mementos of accomplishments, special memories, and testimonies to special pets, people, and hobbies.

There is a new trend to give a charm necklace to someone special, so they can add charms that represent a special occasion in their life or other important things. These gifts are great, because future gift giving is easy. Give them a new charm.

The difference between a charm and a pendant is that, until recently, charms tend to be worn on bracelets and anklets. Now dainty charms are used on necklaces.

charm bracelet

History of Charms

Charms date back to ancient history, when people wore them was protection from evil spirits or bad luck. Charms were made of shells, animal-bones, clay, gems, rocks, and wood.

Today charms are worn on bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.


How are Charms Worn?

To wear more than one charm on a necklace, you can start with a charm placed to the farthest left, and slide each charm onto the necklace, placing them from left to right. When you hold up the charm necklace, the clasp will be in your right hand, and the charms will face out, ready to be worn.

Charms can be worn as a single charm or multiple. They are usually 4mm-20mm in size and dangle freely.

Charms on a bracelet are placed on the chain with jump rings. Take a pair of pliers to hold the jump ring, and a second pair to twist the ring apart. Slip the charm onto the ring, and then into a bracelet link, closing the jump ring completely to secure the charm.

There are all types of charms. Charms for graduation, birthstone charms with small gems, hobby charms, chars with initials and logos. The variety is huge. Charms are versatile as a person’s story.

Charm necklaces and bracelets are a great way to spend the day with grand children. You can tell stories about the collection of charms on your necklace or bracelet, and help them understand your story.

Charms captures a moment in time to share later. They are magnificent gifts. 

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