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The Results Of Shopping at Pawn Shops For Musical Instruments Will Be Music To Your Ears

Have you ever wanted to play one of the beautiful bass guitars, violins, mandolins, ukuleles, flutes, saxophones, clarinets, or drums? How about acoustic guitars and electric guitars with their majestic sounds? Maybe you have a natural ear for music and have been playing instruments for a long time and want to add to your collection of musical wonder. Shop at pawn shops for musical instruments.

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Classical Spanish Guitar Outside. Music And Nature

Pawn Shops For Musical Instruments Will Have:


The guitar is of the most played instruments in the world. It is versatile, flexible, and portable, which is a plus in the very mobile world we live in.

Mythology gives Hermes credit for creating the first kithara (guitar) from a tortoise shell, but the exact origin of the guitar is a mystery.

The ancient instrument was made with a wooden soundboard and box-shaped body, and the body worked as a resonator. The original guitars only had three strings running from the crossbar to the lower end of the instrument, and there was a bridge on the soundboard.

The instruments were played with a plectrum or something similar to a modern pick. The musician would use his left-hand fingers to reduce the vibration from the unwanted strings. Sometimes both hands were used to pluck strings. Some later versions of the instruments had up to twelve strings.

A strap was attached to the instrument to help the player with mobility and handling.

pawn shops for musical instruments Oud & Lute
Close-up on Turkish Oud while playing

Over time the shape of the guitar has changed. There are some views that the Oud and Lute during the time of Noah’s grandfather (the sixth grandson of Adam and Eve) had a similar guitar-shaped instrument, the Oud.

The Lute came in different shapes and sizes but most had a curved back. The instrument passed from Egypt to Greece and then to Rome and took it to Europe. The first picture of a Lute was an instrument of a female crouching on a boat with her hands on the instrument playing it.

Both short and long neck Lutes were documented on pictorial records on clay tablets and papyrus paper. By the end of the Renaissance, many Lutes had up to thirty strings, but the shape was fading. By the 16th century, the instruments featured the curved shape we associate with guitars.

These guitars were found in Spain and were known as Baroque guitars. Gut strings and moveable frets added to the appeal of these instruments because they were easier to play.

The curved sides of a guitar started appearing with the vihuela, and the body shape of this instrument was like an hourglass. It was popular in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, and Mariachi groups continue to use vihuelas today.

By 1790 the Spanish guitars had a standard shape much like today’s guitars. In the mid-1800s, Antonio de Torres Jurado created the style of guitars that today’s guitars follow. He was considered one of the most important inventors in the history of the guitar.

These guitars were broader, thinned bellies with an increased curve at the waist. Machine heads replaced wooden tuning pegs giving better quality and durability. The fan bracing he used is the wooden strut system that gives guitars their rich tone.

pawn shops for musical instruments Fender Guitar
A Fender Stratocaster Guitar

During this time, Europeans brought a steel-stringed version of the Spanish instrument into America. The modern guitar took on a new shape, flat top, archtop, and moved towards the electric guitar.

The Fender Stratocaster has been around since 1954. The Strat is easy to modify and simple to maintain and repair, and it has an iconic sound making it one of the most popular guitars today.

Buying your first musical instrument may be daunting to the newbie. There are new guitars in music stores and online. Mesmerized by their beauty, you may want to buy the perfect one, new and shiny, until you look at the price tag. A new basic, starter-level guitar can cost about US$200. All things considered and how often you will use it, this is relatively cheap.

But what happens if it doesn’t interest you or you decide not to stick to it? Maybe you will decide on one of the different instruments available? An affordable alternative to a brick-and-mortar music store or an online store is to look at a pawn shop for an affordable option.

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Pawn shops buy, sell and pawn against quality musical instruments. Sometimes a person loses interest in the instruments they have, or they want to upgrade, so they choose to sell musical instruments they own to the pawn shop, knowing that pawn shops pay top dollar for quality merchandise. In other situations, a customer might need quick cash, and they have a collection of instruments they are willing to use as collateral for a short-term loan.

Pawn shops will look at the brand of instruments brought into the shop and access its value while comparing it to the current market value. They will determine if the musical instrument is something they can sell and then offer a fair price. If a customer is a borrower, they will make and offer. The value of the collateral has to cover the cost of the loan and the amount requested. If all is in order, no matter if you are selling musical instruments or getting a loan, you will walk out the door with quick money.

The condition of the instruments being considered will affect the assessed value. Also, the model, gear, retail value, and top brands will bring more money.

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