Where Can I Walk In and Either Buy, Sell, or Get a Loan On My Name Brand Shoes?

Quick and easy answer: A pawn shop!

Pawn shops that buy shoes are a hop, skip, and jump away from where you live. Living in or around Whittier, CA?

Lambert Pawn

Lambert Pawn is committed to providing the communities in and around Whittier, East Whitter, South Whittier, LaHabra, La Habra Heights, Hacienda Heights, and El Rancho with the best place to buy, sell, and pawn designer sneakers, gold, diamonds, gold jewelry, luxury purses, name brand tools, musical instruments, and electronics.

One of the best places in the area, Lambert Pawn, has a website that describes what they take and how their business works. They also have an online store for customers to browse from the comfort of their homes. They have name-brand shoes and sneakers for the sneakerheads looking for a new pair of Air Jordan shoes to include in their cases. If you don’t want to buy a pair of sneakers, you might want to consider getting cash quickly by selling your luxury items or talking to their pawnbrokers in the pawn shop about getting a short-term cash loan.

If you are looking for a quick and easy loan, you can get one free. Yes free. Visit their webpage, and you will find that every first-time pawn loan is free of charge. Bring an item of value and borrow up to $1500 for four months at 0% interest with no hidden fees.

All appraisals are free, so you know precisely what value was placed on your luxury items. So many things you have stored in your closet are worth selling for instant cash. If you have a vast collection of luxury purses, gold jewelry you don’t wear, and things you once thought you liked a lot but are now getting tired of them taking up space, then bring them in for a quote so you can decide if you want to sell the things outright or get a loan on them.

You can leave Lambert Pawn with stuff you want, money in hand, or both. You will leave with a smile on your face!

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No Need to Break the Bank When You Find a Pawn Shops that Buy Shoes and Sells Shoes

Pawn shops like Lambert Pawn are a great place to get things for your collection without breaking the bank. Stuff in a pawn shop has an affordable price on hard-to-find designer shoes and designer sneakers if you are a sneakerhead just starting.

Looking for a style of sneakers but haven’t been able to find what you want for a reasonable price? Shop pawn shops that buy shoes and sell them.

You may not be Jordan Geller, an American sneaker collector who founded and operated the ShoeZuem, a museum of 2,388 designer sneakers. Still, every great collector started with one sneaker that caught their eye.

Collectible sneakers and shoes are sold at consignment stores and pawn shops. The difference in buying at a pawn shop is that you can touch, see, and experience the shoe before buying it. An average price for a pair of Jordan sneakers at a pawn shop is between $160 to $180, but the rarer the shoe, the higher the price.

1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe.”

The 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe” was sold on July 23, 2019, for $437,500. You may not find this particular sneaker at a pawn shop, but who knows, call ahead, and they may be able to find one for you. Pawnbrokers are great resources and seem to know about different things available in the community. They might be interested in brokering a deal and will find it hard to find answers to your sneaker quest.

According to Reddit, the most popular size of men’s sneakers to flip or add to a collection as an investment to sell in the future are sizes 9-12.

Currently, at Lambert Pawn, there is a pair of Air Jordan 11 Retro Jubilee 25th Anniversary CT8012 011 Size 11 Clear Black for sale at an affordable price. To complement the sneaker, the pair comes with the original box. The shoes are in good condition.

The Air Jordan 11 Retro Jubilee 25th Anniversary CT8012

The Air Jordan 11 Retro Jubilee 25th Anniversary CT8012

The Air Jordan 11 Retro Jubilee 25th Anniversary CT8012 011 Size 11m Clear Black has a unique colorway celebrating the 25t Anniversary. Released in December of 2020, the “Jubilee” references an original sketch by Tinker Hatfield during his design process in the 1990s. There is a “25” printed on the heels to honor the 25th anniversary. Originally the sneakers had a price tag of $220 retail each, which added up to just under $800,000 for Nike when the sneaker was released.

Gucci Ace Sneaker With Bee

There Are Different Designer Shoe and Designer Sneaker Brands

Y-3, Nike, Adidas, Prada, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Balenciaga represent some of the top designer shoes and sneakers available. Shoe designers crafted specialized shoes and sneakers as original footwear. They select particular materials and patterns, decide what colors (colorways) will be chosen to make their design, and give direction on specialized features.

As you decide how to start your sneakers and designer shoe collection, do some research to understand the particulars of each brand. Each brand was crafted for specific events, such as fundraisers or a celebrity or person. Some tips to the collector would be to learn as much as possible because the information will help you spot counterfeit shoes, and it is fun to understand the reasons behind their origin. Understanding the history of collector shoes is fun and exciting, and many websites cater to the sneakerhead.

Pawn shops aren’t always about deals, money, and stuff at a reasonable price. Pawn shops are about professionalism and community. Lambert Pawn is a shop that buys shoes, boots, and sneakers in good or new condition. They take pride in the services they provide. Their pawnbrokers will create an easy process for you as a customer if you want to understand more details about what they offer.

They pay more than most pawn shops for hard-to-find and valuable items while offering you a good price. They are one of the pawn shops that buy shoes. Don’t want to deal with the process of trying to sell shoes online, come in today; Lambert Pawn will help.