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Lambert Pawn Is One of the Pawn Shops That Take Purses Near Me

Gosh, I got up this morning, looked at all my neatly stored designer handbags, and thought, “I need another!” I searched the internet with the term “What pawn shops take designer handbags?” The result is Lambert Pawn Shop.

The designer bags in my closet include several beautiful bags. I own a beautiful light purple Lambskin Quilted Top Handle Flap Coin Purse With Chain, and I paid too much for it at $2795. I also have a Gucci GG Marmont matelasse mini bag, and at the time, I had to make payments because I didn’t have the $1650 they were asking for the Gucci bag.

I have four other luxury bags, a Louis Vuitton bag, Marc Jacobs, another Gucci bag, and a vintage Prada. I remembered taking the time a few weeks with my friend Ari to go through all of the bags and make sure they had the right amount of stuffing to keep them from bending and forming creases that would ruin them. Ari made sure all designer handbags with chains had the chains neatly wrapped so they wouldn’t make marks on the bags.

After going through the closet and the bags, I really wanted another one. I didn’t want to sell any of the luxury handbags; I already had to get another. I just wanted another. I didn’t have a lot of extra cash or the ability to make payments so ordering online wasn’t an option.

Designer Handbags Near Me

https://lambertpawn.com/I looked for options and found Lambert Pawn. I didn’t realize they carry a good selection of previously owned designer handbags and other luxury goods like gold jewelry and Rolex watches. The Google reviews said they have great deals and expert appraisers.

This set my mind at ease because I didn’t want to purchase a designer bag without knowing it was authentic. Lambert Pawn has designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. The team of pawn experts takes the time to go through an entire process that assures the luxury items they take in for pawn or because they bought the things outright are genuine products and not counterfeits.

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Louis Vuitton Bag

I did some research and found that Louis Vuitton handbags are luxury handbag that has been around since 1854, when Louis Vuitton was born into a working-class family and began a company to start making luggage and travel boxes. Louis had left his home at 13 years old and traveled to Paris by foot, working where he could find work. By the time he landed in Paris, he was 16 years old and had become an apprentice at a successful box-making and packing shop. He worked in the shop for 17 years learning and becoming a well-known craftsman.

Leaping forward to the 1900s, Louis Vuitton expanded the business. Traveling had changed, and people were still using trunks, carrying bags to put their things in. In 1930 the Keepall bag was designed, and in 1932 a smaller bag called the Speedy was created and released for everyday use. If you can find a previously owned Papillon today, you will pay around $900.00 through online stores like eBay.

I began to think maybe a previously owned Papillon bag was in order.

Lambert Pawn Shop in Whittier CA

Lambert Pawn Shop

I headed out to Lambert Pawn, located at 14159 Lambert Rd, Whitter, CA. With great anticipation about what I would find in the way of handbags and other luxury items, I could hardly contain myself. I was prepared to pay cash for the things I picked out and brought some previously worn old gold jewelry in case I needed a little extra money to cover the total cost.

Lambert Pawn Shop Online Shopping

I hadn’t ever pawned anything before and had read on their store’s website that it was easy to get a collateral loan as long as the value of the gold pieces covered the amount of the loan. Either way, I was prepared to sell the gold jewelry or pawn it. I wasn’t too concerned, just excited to see what the store had to offer. I had taken some time to browse their online shop, and sure enough, they had a Louis Vuitton Speedy for $599.99. They also had a Louis Vuitton Bellevue Gm Amarante Vernis Patent Leather handbag. Today was going to be a great day!

I entered the store and was greeted by a friendly pawnbroker. He explained that they buy, sell, and pawn designer handbags regularly, so the store’s inventory changes often. He explained they authenticate every bag that comes through their door with Entrupy – a reputable handbag authenticator. This made me feel better. I knew I could shop with confidence.


I asked if the store might be interested in the gold jewelry I brought along. He said they could appraise the value of the jewelry and give me top dollar should I decide I wanted to sell the jewelry outright or use it as collateral for a loan amount that didn’t exceed its value.

I asked about a credit check since I didn’t want to disclose mine. He said that pawnshops don’t do credit checks and pawn loans are a great way to get a quick loan that is simple to get because the collateral secures the loan. All I needed was my state-issued ID.

I looked around and saw diamond rings, silver, gold coins, diamond tennis bracelets, and even some designer sneakers. All the things were in great shape, and I was amazed at how many different name-brand items they had.

I asked the pawnbroker about ensuring that the goods they receive are not stolen goods. He explained they work with law enforcement, take people’s state-issued ID, and have a process to check serial numbers, etc.

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He explained that some customers bring in items because they have an unexpected expense come up and need quick cash. He explained that the store always hopes all customers will pay for their loans and get their items back, but sometimes they don’t, and the things they brought in are eventually put up for sale to cover the costs of the loan.

He also said that the shop would buy valuable things for the best price to help people out.

I was impressed at the professionalism of the pawnbroker and his willingness to explain the process of buying, selling, and pawning designer handbags. He knew a lot about how to sell designer handbags, what they were worth if they were genuine, and what accessories complemented them. He showed me a few shoulder bags that had recently come in, but I wanted a Louis Vuitton.

After appraising my jewelry, he gave me a quote and let me know it was up to me to either accept the offer or not. I decided to try a pawn loan to get cash to add to what I already had.

I knew I had a check coming in from some extra work and thought I would use it to pay the loan amount back. Between the cash, they offered me, and what I brought in, I had enough to purchase a Chanel purse I had been eyeing.

A Happy Chanel Owner Thanks to Lambert Pawn

As I left the Lambert Pawn, I knew that the Chanel purse I purchased and the few other accessories I just had to have were authentic. I smiled, knowing that I got top dollar for my gold jewelry, and without it, I couldn’t have purchased what I did. Lambert Pawn was the perfect place to make my dreams come true.