The History of Hong Kong Pawn

History of Hong Kong Pawn

Pawn shops have a long and robust history throughout the world. One of the longest-running pawn civilizations is that of Hong Kong. Dating back to 3,000 years, Buddhist monks began the first ever recorded pawn and trade operation when they began granting loans to peasants while holding common household goods as collateral. The world took […]

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What TV Doesn't Tell You about Pawn Shops

What TV Doesn’t Tell You about Pawn Shops

In the last ten years, a tide has shifted in the pawn shop industry. Or rather, in the way the pawn shop industry is viewed. In 2009, a reality show called, “Pawn Stars” debuted on the History Channel. It quickly became a fan favorite and is still on the air today despite the flurry of […]

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Is Pawn Broking a Bad Time Industry?

Is Pawn Broking a Bad Times Industry?

Due to its portrayal in the movies and TV, some have a negative opinion of the pawn industry overall. However, the idea that pawn brokering is a “bad times” industry is simply untrue. While it may be the case that customers who are currently experiencing a personal hardship may choose to utilize the services of […]

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The History of Pawn Broking

The history of pawn broking dates back further in history than you probably think. In fact, the business of pawn broking can be traced back to the Chinese during the 5th century. Over 3,000 years ago, Buddhist monasteries began what we know today as pawn broking, although the business was known to the Chinese as […]

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evolution of pawn industry

The Evolution of the Pawn Industry

All too often, when people think of pawn shops, they think of a stereotype they saw in a movie one time. We all tend to associate businesses we don’t know with what we see in the media. Unfortunately, these portrayals are not always accurate. The pawn industry today is a vibrant business community, with many […]

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