Target Ammunition vs Defense Rounds

Proposition 63 and FFLs

We are a few months in to 2018, which, in California, means a few months in to the ammunition regulations found in Propositions 63. As of January 1, 2018, all ammunition sales must happen face-to-face with an FFL dealer or licensed ammunition vendor in the state of California. It is no longer legal to buy […]

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California Proposition 63 FAQs

The start of 2018 isn’t just another year or another resolution to keep if you are a Californian. As of January 1, 2018, California’s Proposition 63 law has taken effect. As the bill is set to continue to roll-out over the next 18 months, many are questioning what exactly this new law means to them […]

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California Proposition 63

If you are a licensed gun owner in the state of California, you’ve likely heard of Proposition 63. Proposition 63 places stronger requirements on the purchase and possession of ammunition. While there is strong support for the new law, there is also a strong voice of opposition. Opponents to the law argue that the law […]

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