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Where Can I Sell My Musical Instruments Near Me?

With school starting and the holidays around the corner, have you ever wondered if you can buy or sell musical instruments?

Before taking the leap, here are a few things you should know before buying or selling musical instruments and musical equipment at your local pawn shop. If you keep reading, you will find out what steps you should take to get the most for your dollar.

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Selling musical instruments

Most pawn shops will offer you a decent price for your gently used instrument. In general, they will offer 40-60% of the value. Taking it to a certified appraiser, such as a music shop or music store, is a great resource to determine a fair price that the musical instrument is worth, netting you the best price from pawn shops.

Also, pawn shops will appraise musical instruments and understand that different instruments have different values.

Another great tip is to present any accessories you may have, strings, cases, etc. This can help you get the best value for music gear that you may want to liquidate. Selling your musical instruments with original paperwork, cases, and even music books can bring you a great price.

Pawn shops have great customer service and can offer fair prices and quick cash when you want to sell or pawn musical instruments for quick cash. If you are looking at purchasing musical instruments, they can be a valuable and great resource you may have never considered. They are in the business of having affordable pricing.

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Buying musical equipment from a local pawn shop is a great way to go.

My husband, who is a professional musician, bought several high end guitars, a nice electric guitar, drums, and even a flute from our local pawn shop. Why? Because the pawn shops have quality instruments and several to choose from.

He has even several times found used gear in near perfect condition that was sold at a fair price. Many of which he still uses today.

Different pawn shops have different brands available, and you have to take the time to look, and find a musical instrument that suits your needs and budget.

Musical Instrument

Most local pawn shops offer different instruments, many of which carry electric guitars, drums, violins, and of course the beautiful flutes.

While many more types of instruments are offered, these are just a few that came to mind. Most music stores offer sheet music to help you explore your musical dream.

Keep in mind, doing research on what you are looking to either purchase, sell, or pawn can help ensure that you get a fair price.

What do people search?

First, remember, what is your end goal, to sell, buy, or pawn your musical instruments or gear? What price range are you looking at if you plan to buy?

If you are selling musical instruments, how much do you need to get for it? Is there any negotiation or do you have a bottom line?

If you are purchasing, is this a beginner or advanced player investment?

With this said, a business like a pawn shop can be a great resource. because you can try the instruments out and save money simultaneously. They have various instruments in stock, and their inventory changes often.

Do you want to learn to play an electric guitar, but don’t want to spend an arm or leg to know if the instrument suits you? Your local pawn shops are a great place to look. Investing in a new electric guitar would be difficult if you later decide it isn’t for you and you would be better off trying a violin.

Generally, most pawn shops have a website that you can look at in advance to see if they have the instrument you are interested in and any gear that you may need to facilitate that new adventure. Online shops have quality photos and descriptions of the things they sell. Plus, the fair price they offer can be easy on the budget, especially if you are a beginner into playing musical instruments.

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How do I sell my musical instruments?

First, clean and spruce up the instrument. This will ensure you get the best money for your beauty, and the shop will see that the instrument is a quality, well taken musical piece.

Bring any and all gear or accessories that you have. This can also help you get the best cash payment your local business can offer you.

The model of your gear, guitar, or other musical instruments can affect the amount of money you will be offered. All offers are based on fair market value and the current resale market.

Be confident! Take an example with you, be sure you know the brands you are selling, the value of the gear, accessories, and equipment you want to pawn or sell, and what you concluded the market value is.

The process is very easy, and generally, your pawn broker will help guide you through the steps so they can offer you top dollar. They will always do their best to get you as much money as possible.

flute instrument

Just an example

Going back to the point that my husband is a professional musician, we have found that if you can demonstrate the sound, functionality, and navigate your musical instrument, it helps the pawn broker easily give you the best price you are looking for. A functioning easily played instrument is music to the pawnbrokers ears.

Typically, we have been into pawn shops where there is generally one broker that can help navigate musical instruments. They have even taught him a few things, especially when buying a new guitar he has been interested in, yet unfamiliar with.

Whether looking to buy or sell, shop around and check out Lambert Pawn.

At Lambert Pawn Shop, they have a musician’s playground where you can shop, sell, and take out a loan against brand name musical instruments. They accept and sell preowned instruments, which are a great alternative to buying new instruments because of the value they offer. Their used instruments provide an inexpensive alternative to new instruments at virtually the same quality. The variety of instruments you will find at their shop changes often. They also carry band instruments, with prices well below music stores.

Some instruments they sell, pawn, and buy are trumpets, saxophones, flutes, clarinets, violins and recreational instruments like electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, drums, mixers, DJ equipment, speakers, and others.

Guitar Instrument

At the shop, the model of the musical will change the offer made and what they sell for. Currently, they have a Fender American Pro Stratocaster 2017 Maple Fretboard. The guitar has a modern Deep C Neck Shape and V-Mod Single-Coil Pick-ups. The guitar is in great condition, with the plastic still on the pick-guard.