Luxury Watch

You don’t typically hear about luxury watch purchases as a method of investment. However, if owning a watch that hold its value is an important quality for you, then there are options for you. Watches made in the $4,000-$9,000 price range seem to retain their value best and in some cases even appreciate in value, and Rolex unmistakably dominates this market.

Why do Rolex Watches Hold Their Value

Why Rolex Watches Hold Their Value

Aside from the high quality of Rolex watches, perhaps the most impressive factor behind why Rolex watches hold their value so well is the esteemed reputation of the Rolex name among consumers. The Rolex brand is globally recognized as a consistent, reliable, fashionable, and sought-after wristwatch by most consumers. Chances are whether you’ve owned a Rolex or not, you recognize the name and more than likely you associate owning a Rolex watch with success and prestige. Thanks to a history of brilliant and bold brand marketing, you can ask most non-watch enthusiasts who makes the best watch and their response will be: Rolex.

The Rolex brand began its journey to being an industry leader in luxury wristwatches by having an unwavering focus on creating the absolute highest quality watch. From the materials used to the mechanics behind them, Rolex wanted to be the best and look the best. With such a focus, Rolex was able to gain popularity and loyalty among consumers in their early years. As time has passed and the wristwatch market has inevitably changed and become more competitive, Rolex continues to hold that same esteem and impress brand marketers worldwide.

In the later years of the brand, Rolex began to focus their marketing around creating the perception that a Rolex watch was not just a quality timepiece but also a symbol of success. One of the simplest marketing strategies of Rolex is playing off of the supply and demand of their own market. Rolex supplies enough watches to satisfy most market demand, but not too many watches so as to keep consumer desire alive and growing. In fact, there is a waitlist for several Rolex watch models; the current wait for the Daytona can be up to 18 months.

Rolex also keeps a tight list of authorized distributors and has restrictions that make it almost impossible for authorized retailers to discount their watches. Both of these tactics fuel the perception among consumers that Rolex watches are high quality investment pieces. While the perception that the purchase of a Rolex is always a solid investment may be a bit skewed, they undoubtedly hold their value better than any other luxury wristwatch brand.

Luxury watch maker, Rolex, is considered to be a wise financial investment in addition to being a precise, fashionable, high-quality timepiece. We consign, sell and offer pawn loans for Rolex and other top watch brands at our Whittier, CA pawn shop.