Why Shop at Lambert Pawn Shop: Your Go-To Pawn Shop for Quick Cash

Consumers often overlook pawn shops as a retail merchant. Most who seem to are typically unfamiliar with the pawn industry and have a “Hollywood” view of pawn shops, thanks to their depictions of pawn shops as questionable establishments with crooked business dealings. In recent years, however, that stereotype continues to diminish, and an increasing number of folks are starting to see pawn shops as the honest, hard-working small businesses that they truly are.

Let’s take a look at some of the very real, very practical reasons everyone should consider buying from their local pawn shops.

Why Shop at a Pawn Shop

3 Reasons to Consider Buying from a Pawn Shop

  1. First – and you probably guessed it – the price. Especially on items such as jewelry and watches, DVDs, and tools… you will often find name brand items at a fraction of the retail price. As an added bonus, if you are not satisfied with the price tag, you can usually try and negotiate the price down. Not something you’d dream of doing at your local big box store!
  2. If you find an item and the price is right but do not have enough cash on hand, there is always the option for you to trade for it. Most of us have some item lying around unused at home, that we don’t need or want but it still holds some value. Bring it in to the pawn shop and see if you can negotiate a trade! Imagine if you tried that approach at a department store.
  3. If you are looking for a quality jewelry piece that is one of a kind, you will not find a more varied selection than that of a pawn shop. Since a shop’s inventory is constantly moving, you can find new styles, estate jewelry, and even vintage pieces. Perhaps you are looking for a diamond that you can reuse in a custom piece? Reach out to a few pawn shops and see what kind of diamond inventory they have. You will likely getter a bigger, better diamond at a price you feel more comfortable with than you ever could at a retail store.

Most importantly, your local pawn shops are like any small business – they thrive on the support of their community. They are state regulated and run by hard-working and knowledgeable business men and women. Show support for your community by shopping local and supporting small businesses!