Reasons to Sell on Consignment

Selling furniture, jewelry, art and clothing on consignment is a popular choice for anyone looking to earn some money on high-value items without the hassle of managing the sale. There is a lot involved in the sale of an item, including advertising, negotiating, and working through the weeds of unmotivated buyers. Selling via consignment allows the seller to pass the ownership of those tedious tasks to another individual as a trade for a percentage of the sale price.

It is no wonder that selling firearms via consignment is just as popular as selling expensive handbags. If you are familiar with selling on consignment, you are aware that many of the benefits in doing so are equally present regardless of the nature of the item being sold. For example, whether you are selling an oriental rug or a handgun, you will find that selling via consignment limits the hassle of posting the item on Craigslist or Facebook and keeping up with the item’s post. Similarly, whether you are selling your Great Aunt’s porcelain doll collection or her hunting rifle, selling via consignment eliminates the uncomfortable negotiation process. Below is our list of top 5 benefits of selling an item, especially a firearm, on consignment.

Reasons to Sell on Consignment

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Via Consignment

  1. Hassle free experience
  2. Don’t have to deal directly with the buyer
  3. Sale is 100% legal and compliant (which is essential with firearms)
  4. No need to deal with window shoppers or tire kickers
  5. Access to customers who are ready to buy

In addition to the reasons listed above, selling your firearm on consignment through Lambert Pawn, offers even greater benefits to the seller. Our shop sees hundreds of customers each week, which means our consignment sellers have the opportunity for their firearms to be seen by those same customers! Thanks to our community standing and stellar reputation, we also have a long list of regular firearms buyers who check in with us regularly to inquire about new inventory.

The perks of consigning at Lambert Pawn don’t stop there. Since we are an FFL store, we handle a lot of firearms and firearm accessory inventory. This means that our knowledge and experience in dealing with the sale of these items far exceeds your Average Joe. In fact, we might just even know more about selling your gun than you do. When it comes to selling firearms online, we have full knowledge and operating authority to sell guns online that may cross state lines, something that most independent sellers are unable to say for themselves.

We even offer the option to ship your gun TO US to sell on consignment. So if you are just stumbling on this post via a random search but are across the country, you’re in luck. You’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for to sell your firearm as quickly as possible with the assurance of knowing you walked away with a fair amount. Don’t believe us? We have A+ ratings on every website we are listed on – do another Google search and see for yourself.