Reasons to Shop eBay for Pawn Items

It is no secret that the retail industry has become a slave to consumer demands for online purchasing. More retailers are developing an online presence in addition to their brick and mortar store due to customers wanting to research and shop from the comfort of their homes. Some would argue that finding unique, valuable items online for a great price is near impossible. Some might even say that you’d be better off visiting your local pawn shop to find items that fit that description. Shockingly, although we would love to see you in our store, we would argue that unique items and great deals can be found online. That’s why we have our own eBay store in addition to our brick and mortar location in Whittier.

Many folks who frequent our shop or pawn shops around the country are folks looking for unique items at a great price. Folks who enjoy haggling and walking away feeling as though they got a steal. Luckily, pawn shop store fronts are not the only place folks like you and I can find something truly of value and walk away feeling like we found the bargain of a lifetime. eBay offers that same opportunity for folks to find that unique item they’ve been hunting for with an added touch of convenience. Some of our best customers are people we’ve never met in person but have made deals with time and time again using eBay as our trusted host.

Many still think of eBay as the place people go to sell their great-grandmother’s old lamps. And we’ll be honest, it can be.

However, the majority of active sellers on eBay are small business storefront owners supplementing their in-store sales with online ones on a marketplace that’s safe, fair and easy-to-use for all involved. If you haven’t purchased or browsed eBay recently, here is our list of top reasons why you should give it a try.

Reasons to Shop eBay for Pawn Items

4 Reasons to Shop eBay for Pawn Items

Shop eBay for Price

eBay is known for its auction-based sales. Consumers have a certain amount of time to bid on an item before the auction closes and often, the selling price is well below retail price. You can set your bid to automatically stop when the auction reaches your financial limit without you even lifting a finger. We’ll also add in that the selling fees on eBay are around 5% less than the selling fees on Amazon, making for an all around better price.

Shop eBay for Convenience

There’s not much to explain here. You find a thing, you like the thing, you buy the thing, the thing shows up on your doorstep in a few days. It’s basically magic.

Shop eBay for Confidence

eBay was founded in 1995. How many of you even had internet in 1995? Exactly. It’s fair to say that the company has had a lot of time to work out the kinks in their Auction Web. They have a fully vetted program to recognize and deal with shady buyers and sellers alike. Once a purchase is made, eBay is mainly a silent partner in the transaction. However, if things go south, they are ready and available to assist.

Shop eBay for Options

If you had to guess, how many merchants have listings right now on eBay for the iPhone X? Literally thousands of merchants are on eBay right now trying to sell you an iPhone X. On the other hand, I guarantee you the Apple website has one price.


Can you negotiate? No, of course not.

No doubt, if you’re reading this post you’ve made an online purchase at some point, if not several (or several hundred). Have you shopped eBay?