Popular Items to Pawn

Most Popular Items to Pawn

Pawn shops have a lot of stigmas attached to them that aren’t true. One of them that we find fairly comical is that the only items you can pawn are invaluable, rare antiques. Often when people are considering getting quick access to cash via a pawn loan, they think that they need to scrounge through […]

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The History of Hong Kong Pawn

History of Hong Kong Pawn

Pawn shops have a long and robust history throughout the world. One of the longest-running pawn civilizations is that of Hong Kong. Dating back to 3,000 years, Buddhist monks began the first ever recorded pawn and trade operation when they began granting loans to peasants while holding common household goods as collateral. The world took […]

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luxury pawn shops

Luxury Pawn Shops

Most of us common folks can relate to the expression ‘“cash poor”, but when you think of what being cash poor looks like, you probably don’t envision Rolex watches and Ferraris. However, that is exactly what cash poor looks like in the world of luxury pawning. In a world where individuals have a high number […]

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Reasons to Shop eBay for Pawn Items

4 Reasons to Shop eBay for Pawn Items

It is no secret that the retail industry has become a slave to consumer demands for online purchasing. More retailers are developing an online presence in addition to their brick and mortar store due to customers wanting to research and shop from the comfort of their homes. Some would argue that finding unique, valuable items […]

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What TV Doesn't Tell You about Pawn Shops

What TV Doesn’t Tell You about Pawn Shops

In the last ten years, a tide has shifted in the pawn shop industry. Or rather, in the way the pawn shop industry is viewed. In 2009, a reality show called, “Pawn Stars” debuted on the History Channel. It quickly became a fan favorite and is still on the air today despite the flurry of […]

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Pawning Vinyl Records

Pawning Vinyl Records

Sometimes old things become cool again, and just like Betty White, beards, and bell-bottoms, vinyl records are back. In fact, for the past 10 years, the sale of vinyl records is up 28%! One argument for the rise in vinyl sales is that the sound quality of a record dominates pretty much any other form […]

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Warning Signs of Bad Pawn Shop

4 Warning Signs of a Bad Pawn Shop

Contrary to a popular-but-outdated belief, pawn shops are not interested in buying your stolen goods. A pawn shop’s long-term success relies on its repeat customers, which means its reputation can make or break its business. If you’ve read about the benefits of buying or selling through a pawn shop and want to be sure to […]

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Why Consider Buying from a Pawn Shop

Why Shop at Lambert Pawn Shop: Your Go-To Pawn Shop for Quick Cash Consumers often overlook pawn shops as a retail merchant. Most who seem to are typically unfamiliar with the pawn industry and have a “Hollywood” view of pawn shops, thanks to their depictions of pawn shops as questionable establishments with crooked business dealings. […]

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Is Pawn Broking a Bad Time Industry?

Is Pawn Broking a Bad Times Industry?

Due to its portrayal in the movies and TV, some have a negative opinion of the pawn industry overall. However, the idea that pawn brokering is a “bad times” industry is simply untrue. While it may be the case that customers who are currently experiencing a personal hardship may choose to utilize the services of […]

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The History of Pawn Broking

The history of pawn broking dates back further in history than you probably think. In fact, the business of pawn broking can be traced back to the Chinese during the 5th century. Over 3,000 years ago, Buddhist monasteries began what we know today as pawn broking, although the business was known to the Chinese as […]

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