The History of Hong Kong Pawn

History of Hong Kong Pawn

Pawn shops have a long and robust history throughout the world. One of the longest-running pawn civilizations is that of Hong Kong. Dating back to 3,000 years, Buddhist monks began the first ever recorded pawn and trade operation when they began granting loans to peasants while holding common household goods as collateral. The world took […]

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luxury pawn shops

Luxury Pawn Shops

Most of us common folks can relate to the expression ‘“cash poor”, but when you think of what being cash poor looks like, you probably don’t envision Rolex watches and Ferraris. However, that is exactly what cash poor looks like in the world of luxury pawning. In a world where individuals have a high number […]

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Reasons to Sell on Consignment

5 Reasons to Sell on Consignment

Selling furniture, jewelry, art and clothing on consignment is a popular choice for anyone looking to earn some money on high-value items without the hassle of managing the sale. There is a lot involved in the sale of an item, including advertising, negotiating, and working through the weeds of unmotivated buyers. Selling via consignment allows […]

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Target Ammunition vs Defense Rounds

Proposition 63 and FFLs

We are a few months in to 2018, which, in California, means a few months in to the ammunition regulations found in Propositions 63. As of January 1, 2018, all ammunition sales must happen face-to-face with an FFL dealer or licensed ammunition vendor in the state of California. It is no longer legal to buy […]

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Buying and Selling Used Musical Instruments

Jukebox Hero: Buying and Selling Used Musical Instruments

There is a point in everyone’s life when they become convinced that with the right instrument and maybe some practice, they are destined to be the next great musical influence of their generation. If you have never believed you had it in you to be the next Bob Dylan, Eddie Van Halen or, dare I say it, […]

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Reasons to Shop eBay for Pawn Items

4 Reasons to Shop eBay for Pawn Items

It is no secret that the retail industry has become a slave to consumer demands for online purchasing. More retailers are developing an online presence in addition to their brick and mortar store due to customers wanting to research and shop from the comfort of their homes. Some would argue that finding unique, valuable items […]

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What TV Doesn't Tell You about Pawn Shops

What TV Doesn’t Tell You about Pawn Shops

In the last ten years, a tide has shifted in the pawn shop industry. Or rather, in the way the pawn shop industry is viewed. In 2009, a reality show called, “Pawn Stars” debuted on the History Channel. It quickly became a fan favorite and is still on the air today despite the flurry of […]

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firearms sale pawn and consignment Whittier CA

California Proposition 63 FAQs

The start of 2018 isn’t just another year or another resolution to keep if you are a Californian. As of January 1, 2018, California’s Proposition 63 law has taken effect. As the bill is set to continue to roll-out over the next 18 months, many are questioning what exactly this new law means to them […]

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Target Ammunition vs Defense Rounds

Target Ammunition Vs. Defense Rounds

The most common misconception we find with new gun owners surrounds ammunition. Regardless of whether the owner is planning to take up target shooting, hunting or looking for a means of self-defense, they seem to believe that when it comes to ammunition, they can simply look at the size and cost to make their choice. […]

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gun consignment in Whittier CA

Differences in Rifles, Shotguns & Handguns and their Ammunition

With the rollout of California’s Proposition 63 starting in just a few weeks, we thought it would be helpful to go through the differences between rifles, shotguns and handguns, and the ammunition required for each. Differences in Rifles, Handguns and Shotguns You may or may not know that the essential difference between these 3 firearms […]

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